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Bridget O’Neill stars in 2 new spots for Ford Fiesta

April 14, 2010

Piggybacking the huge success of Ford’s Fiesta Movement campaign, Bridget is called on to lend her talent for the new “Prove It” video series.

Late last month Bridget helped script and cast two video spots that she also starred in for Ford’s new “Prove It” video campaign.

Crews from LA converged on downtown Seattle as Bridget and local actors ( Shawn Telford, Lisa LeVan, Cindy Dailey and Confluence’s Joshua Johnson ) lent their talents to the socially savvy motor vehicle giant.

Following Bridget’s contributions as a spokesperson and content creator for the “Fiesta Movement” and the House season 6 red carpet host, it comes as no surprise that Ford would call on her once again.

We will let you know when the new videos are live.



December 29, 2009

Confluence Creative Media Co-founder Joshua Johnson aka Joshywashington worked closely with to create and launch For the last 2 months MatadorTV has aggregated and hosted some of the best travel media on the web. Joshua Hosts the MatTV vlog and works to make the latest website for the Matador Travel Network as successful as the other 13 websites.

Social Media Revolution

December 18, 2009

Social Media ROI Video

December 18, 2009

Peek at Ford Fiesta Ad using Fiesta Movement User Generated Content

December 7, 2009

As the Fiesta Movement wraps up Ford aims to make user generated content the cornerstone of the early Fiesta advertising.

The 100 Fiesta Movement Agents logged over 100,000 miles and shot hundreds of videos. You can reasonably expect Ford to be mining the gold from the footage for their ad push in 2010.

Behind the Scenes on set of “221b”, the New Sherlock Holmes online game

December 4, 2009

OUR LOVELY BRIDGET worked as an actor for the social media interactive game for the new Sherlock Holmes movie. The game is a murder mystery where players observe an unfolding crime to search for clues.  Sherlock Holmes, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, directed by Guy Ritchie, open worldwide Christmas Day.


A look Back at the Ford Fiesta Movement

December 3, 2009

Watch some of our favorite videos from the Fiesta Movement starring Bridget O’Neill

The Ford Fiesta Movement, a 6 month Social Media campaign for Ford’s new 2011 Fiesta has come to a close. Since May, Bridget and 99 other social media go-getters have been enjoying the new Euro-chic cars while acting as social media spokespeople.

Hundreds of videos and thousands of tweets later, Ford got its monies worth. The campaign led the way to show what advertising and market strategy can be for web 2.0.

Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite social media content Bridget Produced for Ford.

Daphne Speaks

I survived 9 of the fastest Roller Coasters!

The Weirdest Happenings